DIY Skinny Ties

I often come across really interesting vintage ties, but they’re always so wide. Not wanting my husband to look like Lou Grant, I decided to try my hand at slimming down those big boys. This is a really easy tutorial, but try it out with a cheap/ugly tie first. I don’t want any hate mail from you or your well-dressed boyfriend.

Finished & Painted Tie


  • Fat Tie
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Iron

TIME: 30 minutes per tie


Remove any tags. Unstitch the back seam until you reach the skinniest part of the tie.


Pull out the tie form fabric and trim to your desired width. Any easy way to do this is to use another skinny tie as a guide. This will give the finished tie its shape, so take your time with this step.


When the tie was still stitched, one side was overlapping the other. Starting with the side that was being overlapped, trim off some of the fabric, tapering your cut as the tie narrows.


With the iron set for silk, press the trimmed side so that it folds along the tie form. Fold under and press the raw seam so that the ironed piece is narrower than the tie form.


Repeat with the other side. Aim for a straight seam down the middle of the tie.


Stitch up the back of the tie, being careful not to reach the front of the tie. It’s pretty easy to hide the hand stitches between the back flaps.

And now you have a skinny tie. Go get dressy & drink some wine!

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