A Century of Crayola

I vividly remember the day Crayola released a new line of colors in 1993. I was in the first grade & my friend Veronica was the first person in my class to own a box. We all crowded around, excited to see what Macaroni & Cheese looked like, though many of us had eaten the real thing the night before. Mulberry & Aquamarine had served us well over the years, but Razzmatazz & Robin’s Egg Blue added that extra oomph we never knew we lacked. The new colors weren’t replacements for our old stand-bys, but fantastic additions that we soon wore down to unusable nubs of wax. We made art: for refrigerators, for birthday presents, for our families. But mainly we made art for ourselves. We hada need to express ourselves in a world that had little time for our childish ramblings. What we lacked in tact & communication skills, we made up for in stick figure families & tangerine dogs. We colored—and it was wonderful.



In a celebration of Crayola, Adrian Walsh from Column Five created this infographic depicting the Twentieth Century in terms of color. We say, “Bravo!” both to Adrien & Crayola, for the little moments of happiness they bring to the everyday world.


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