Painted Porcelain

Lately, I’ve been really into painted porcelain. It’s the perfect combination of form & function—beautiful, quirky & 100% food safe!. Here are a few of my favorites:


Evie Lotts creates beautiful 8″ plates that are food friendly, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. Each plate is embellished with vintage artwork, with subjects ranging from animals to anatomy.


UK Illustrator James Ward is the man behind Jimbobart, a line of hand drawn ceramics that are “fun and centered around animals either protecting, stealing, eating or asking politely for your food”. Each piece is drawn by hand and absolutely adorable! Follow his page on Facebook to receive 25% off your order with coupon code face25.


Zuppa Atelier is artist Julia Dely, a Brazilian painter/illustrator whose aim is to put a little more color, fun and originality into commons housewares. Each piece is unique, hand drawn and painted, using a combination of free hand, pen and ink, and brushes. Little touches of color add whimsy without being overbearing.

Whose painted porcelain do you like best? I just can’t decide…


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