WILD FIRE Magazine

Fox & Brie Bow Ties  |  WILD FIRE Magazine

We love working with passionate, interesting people. So when asked to contribute to the second issue of WILD FIRE, we were delighted to send along one of our Olive Linen bow ties. As expected, the pictures are just beautiful & the Kilkelly sisters are so wonderful to work with. We’re looking forward to future collaborations!

Fox & Brie Bow Ties  |  WILD FIRE Magazine

Launched in November 2011, WILD FIRE is a free online vegan, fair-trade, fashion, food & wellbeing magazine based in Melbourne, Australia. Vegan photographer Missy of Kohii Love Photography started the magazine as a personal project, a place to showcase her photography & share her lifestyle views with the rest of the world. Joined by her sister Joanna, the duo is currently hard at work on their next issue, set to release in May 2013.





You can download the first two issues of WILD FIRE for free at: http://www.kohiilove.com/

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