Jess Decelle | Fox & Brie

My name is Jess. I make bow ties & go on adventures.

I’m also a creative entrepreneur & the founder of Fox & Brie, a line of handcrafted men’s accessories made from vintage & deadstock fabrics. Even as a child, I knew I wanted to do my own thing, though it took around 25 years & 2 college degrees to realize what that even meant. I’ve worked as a graphic designer, photographer, librarian, dog-walker, and children’s entertainer…continually hunting for something to call my own. While attending grad school, I began making & selling odd little creations to help pay the bills, and stumbled into menswear somewhere along the way. By graduation, Fox & Brie had grown into an actual business and I had finally found something that was truly mine.

A Few Things I Love:
›  Hanging out with my rescue dog, Dr. Bear
›  Long road trips & strange roadside attractions
›  A weekend in the forest
›  Living room blanket forts
›  Indiana Jones
›  Outdoor movie picnics
›  Live music with good friends
›  Starting the dance party

Recent Interviews:
Shop Local: Fox & Brie – Southern Living Magazine
Featured Shop: Fox & Brie – Etsy
In the Studio: Fox & Brie – Renegade Craft Blog
Success Stories: Jess of Fox & Brie – Create & Thrive
The Power of Branding: Jess Decelle – Y Gen Out Loud!


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