Photography: sejkko’s Lonely Houses


Lonely Houses a photographic series by sejkko (Manuel Pita)

Using the sky as a simple backdrop, Manuel Pita simultaneously captures the quaint beauty of the house’s exterior & the unique personality that lies within. A visual artist/fine art photographer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Pita describes himself as “one of ‘those peculiar cases’ of people equally drawn and competent in more than one discipline.” After a long artistic hiatus, he began sharing his photographs on Instagram and bam! his online persona, sejkko, was born. He currently resides in Portugal—the location of many of his lonely houses.

To see more of his work, visit his website or Instagram.


“Much Loved” by Mark Nixon

The Much Loved photo series by Mark Nixon is a poignant look at the transition we have undergone as children entering into adulthood, and the silent friends that stood by us along the way. Each animal is accompanied by its own unique story and the overall effect is at times both humorous & heartbreaking. The images of these stuffed animals speak volumes of how loved and needed they were [and still are] by the children & adults who own them.

Selected entries from Nixon’s Much Loved series are available on his website and his book features 65 full-color images & stories.


When everything was unknown, they were there.
When anything could happen, they were there.
These repositories of hugs, of fears, of hopes, of tears, of snots and smears.
Alone at night, they were the comforters, when monsters lurked in darkened corners, when raised voices muffled through floors and walls.
These silent witnesses, these constant companions, defenders of innocence.
Their touch, yes, but their smell, that instantly calming, all embalming musk, unique to each, soothing and smoothing the journey from consciousness to un, from purity to im, from infancy to adult-terre.
Sworn to secrecy, unconditionally there, unjudgementally fair and almost always a bear.
—Mark Nixon, Much Loved


Much Loved by Mark Nixon | via Fox & Brie

Much Loved by Mark Nixon - Peter Rabbit

Much Loved by Mark Nixon

Much Loved by Mark Nixon - Teddy Tingley

Much Loved by Mark Nixon | via Fox & Brie

Much Loved by Mark Nixon - Bobo

Identity: The Shawl Museum

Located 60km (≈40 miles) east of Moscow, the town of Pavlovski Posad is home to 320 examples of traditional female headwear from the 18th-20th centuries. Curated from the private collection of Vladimir Shishenin, the Museum was founded in 2002 to demonstrate the history of classical Russian kerchiefs and shawls as an integral part of the traditional national costume.

This beautiful identity system was created by Vova Lifanov, a Russian designer & illustrator based in Moscow.


Russian Shawl Museum Branding | Vova Lifanov via Fox & Brie

Color Inspiration 02.04

Color Inspiration | via Fox & Brie

Image Credit: Taylor McCutchan

Print & Pattern: Elizabeth Olwen

Prints & Patterns: Elizabeth Olwen | via Fox & Brie


Inspired by folklore & nature at its most playful, Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based surface designer whose charming patterns are now available in wallpaper, prints, and for licensing through her website. Driven by the desire to create something beautiful, her patterns evoke a sense of nostalgia yet still feel very fresh. The result is a collections of prints that would look just as natural on your ultra-hip aunt in 1960s London as they would in next month’s issue of Elle Decor.


"Sun & Sand" by Elizabeth Olwen | via Fox & Brie

Sun & Sand

"Deco Florals" by Elizabeth Olwen | via Fox & Brie

Deco Florals

"Roots & Pods" Wallpaper by Elizabeth Olwen | via Fox & Brie

Roots & Pods Wallpaper


If you’d like to see more of Elizabeth’s work, her collections are available on her website. A selection of these patterns are also available as wallpaper, which you can purchase through Wallpapered.

Color Inspiration 01.28

Color Inspiration | via Fox & Brie

“Leaves of the Land” by Robbie Porter. You can view the rest of The Adventure Collection here.

Minimalist Valentines from Paper Society Co.

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. It hadn’t crossed my mind until today’s trip to the pharmacy, where I was greeted by a visual onslaught of pink & red & glitter & love. Delightful.

A refreshing change from the sugary-sweet cliche that is Feb. 14th, Paper Society Co. has a line of Valentine’s Cards that are sleek, simple & genuinely clever. Created by Toronto designer Ashleigh Schouwerwou, this line is a nice alternative to the 7th grade “I-like-you-but-I-don’t-want-you-to-know-that-I-LIKE-YOU-like-you” cartoon sentiments that fill the card aisles.

I don’t have time for that nonsense. I like you like you, and thought you should know.


Paper Society Co | via Fox & Brie

Paper Society Co | via Fox & Brie

Paper Society Co | via Fox & Brie    Paper Society Co | via Fox & Brie 

Paper Society Co | via Fox & Brie    Paper Society Co | via Fox & Brie