Friday Favorites 015

Pillows & Textiles – Freedom Tree  |  Banana Leaf Foldover Clutch – Chapman at Sea  |  Hand-dyed Indigo Scarf – Garner Blue  |  Bandhani Indigo Cushion Cover – Napeansea  |  Dog Waste Bag Holder – Boots & Arrow  |  MCM Hanging Plant Holder – Sonadora in Love  |  California Embroidered Hoop – Foxes & Rabbits

Friday Favorites 014

Amelie Turban – LouvelleWear  |  Raiders of the Lost Ark Poster – Monster Gallery  |  Rattan Chair in LilyTerrain  |  Sweet Dreams Banner – Summer Boyfriend  |  Porcelain Stickers in Little Townnuukk  |  Botanic Wars iPhone Case – Josh Ln  |  Brooklyn Bag – Flux Productions

Etsy Spotlight: Shovava

Shovava | via Fox & Brie

Drawing inspiration from the anatomy of birds & her natural surroundings, Melbourne-based artist Roza Khamitova creates scarves that mimic the appearance of wings. Her designs are hand painted in watercolor then digitally printed on your choice of cotton or silk fabric. I’m not sure what I like more: the color schemes, the detailing, or the fact that you can actually spread your wings…like some kind of magical friggin’ bird-lady!

You can see more of Roza’s designs in her Etsy shop: Shovava

Friday Favorites 013

Ikat Blanket Scarf – DeBrosse  |  Rivers of America Poster – The Far Woods  |  Moonstone Deco Ring – datter  |  Girl & Dog Embroidered Illustration – Sarah Walton  |  Little Monster Wool Pennant – Strawberry Moth  |  Ice Cream Truck – Des Enfantillages  |  Tabletop Pine Forest – 2of2  |  Ceramic Hand Bowl – SCULPTUREinDESIGN

Friday Favorites 012

Cheese Marker Set – ModCloth  |  ‘Til We’re Underground Poster – Clark Orr Design Co.  |  Pocket Notebook – Best Made Co.  |  White Rabbit Cookie Cutter – Printmeneer  |  Carry On Old Fashioned Kit – Terrain  |  Rocky Mountain High Flask – Liquid Courage  |  Hug More Poster – Gregory Beauchamp

Friday Favorites 010

ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag – Forestbound  |  Herringbone Ceramic Planter – Elizabeth Benotti  |  Onward & Upward Water Bottle – Izola  |  Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag – metaphore  |  Clock – Celine Delabre  |  Khaki Officer Auto Watch – Hamilton  |  Mermaid Bookends – ModCloth

Men’s Sunglasses by Face Shape

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is a difficult task. Us ladies can slap on a pair of oversized, bedazzled shades & call it a day, but there just aren’t as many options for the guys. Mr Porter has made it easy with this handy little chart that offers options for each face shape. Of course, it all comes down to what you love and what makes you feel great, but sometimes we all need a little extra help. You can check out their full line of sunglasses for a selection of sexy, high quality shades that are sure to add an extra dose of oomph! to your outfit. (Just please, please take them off at night. You’re welcome.)

Men's Sunglasses by Face Shape | Mr Porter via Fox & Brie