Friday Favorites 018

Be Brave Bear Cake Topper – Half Pint Fauna | Hand-Woven Necklace – Rebecca Daryl Smith | Waxed Canvas & Leather Knife Roll – Fullgive Leather | Botanical Wall Vase – Eco Deer | Springing Through the Field Cut Paper Print – Rural Pearl | Hand-carved Ceramic Planter – Clay Kedem

Photography: sejkko’s Lonely Houses


Lonely Houses a photographic series by sejkko (Manuel Pita)

Using the sky as a simple backdrop, Manuel Pita simultaneously captures the quaint beauty of the house’s exterior & the unique personality that lies within. A visual artist/fine art photographer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Pita describes himself as “one of ‘those peculiar cases’ of people equally drawn and competent in more than one discipline.” After a long artistic hiatus, he began sharing his photographs on Instagram and bam! his online persona, sejkko, was born. He currently resides in Portugal—the location of many of his lonely houses.

To see more of his work, visit his website or Instagram.


Friday Favorites 011

Astraboj Art Poster – Kacper Kieć  |  Salvaged Wood Desk Organizer – The Bird on the Tree  |  Poke the Bear Illustration – Magnificent Beard  |  Hedgehog Notebook – Manuche-Postcards from  |  Grasp Porcelain Bowl – Flat Earth Studio  |  The Gibson Mailbox – Bold MFG  |  Ecosystem Cards – Small Adventure  |  Leather Camera Bag – christudio

Painted Porcelain

Lately, I’ve been really into painted porcelain. It’s the perfect combination of form & function—beautiful, quirky & 100% food safe!. Here are a few of my favorites:


Evie Lotts creates beautiful 8″ plates that are food friendly, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. Each plate is embellished with vintage artwork, with subjects ranging from animals to anatomy.


UK Illustrator James Ward is the man behind Jimbobart, a line of hand drawn ceramics that are “fun and centered around animals either protecting, stealing, eating or asking politely for your food”. Each piece is drawn by hand and absolutely adorable! Follow his page on Facebook to receive 25% off your order with coupon code face25.


Zuppa Atelier is artist Julia Dely, a Brazilian painter/illustrator whose aim is to put a little more color, fun and originality into commons housewares. Each piece is unique, hand drawn and painted, using a combination of free hand, pen and ink, and brushes. Little touches of color add whimsy without being overbearing.

Whose painted porcelain do you like best? I just can’t decide…

Affordable Art from Society 6

“Summer Voyage” Framed Print  by Eric Fan

If you’re in the market for a new art print, t-shirt, or iphone case, Society 6 has it covered. They offer a variety of options to showcase the work of some of today’s best artists & illustrators at affordable prices. They sell designs printed on everything you can imagine, while the artist retains the rights to their original artwork—a true win-win for everyone!

“The Start of Something” Notecards by David Fleck

“This is an Adventure” T-Shirt by Derek Eads

“Never Stop Exploring” iPhone Case by Leah Flores

“The Whisk Wasn’t the Tallest” Print by Marc Johns

A Century of Crayola

I vividly remember the day Crayola released a new line of colors in 1993. I was in the first grade & my friend Veronica was the first person in my class to own a box. We all crowded around, excited to see what Macaroni & Cheese looked like, though many of us had eaten the real thing the night before. Mulberry & Aquamarine had served us well over the years, but Razzmatazz & Robin’s Egg Blue added that extra oomph we never knew we lacked. The new colors weren’t replacements for our old stand-bys, but fantastic additions that we soon wore down to unusable nubs of wax. We made art: for refrigerators, for birthday presents, for our families. But mainly we made art for ourselves. We hada need to express ourselves in a world that had little time for our childish ramblings. What we lacked in tact & communication skills, we made up for in stick figure families & tangerine dogs. We colored—and it was wonderful.



In a celebration of Crayola, Adrian Walsh from Column Five created this infographic depicting the Twentieth Century in terms of color. We say, “Bravo!” both to Adrien & Crayola, for the little moments of happiness they bring to the everyday world.

Nathan Shields: The Pancake Master


What do you do when you move to a foreign country & become a stay-at-home dad? You master the art of the pancake, of course! While these breakfast creations started out as a way to amuse his kids, he now posts them online at Saipancakes. I can’t think of a more enjoyable way for a child [or adult] to start the day!