Dr Bear

Dr Bear’s Birthday!

My little love turned three on April 1. It’s amazing to watch him grow and discover new wonders in the world–like confetti. The boy loves confetti!

Cheers to you, Dr Bear!

Meet Our New Social Media Intern!

Austin Couillard | Fox & Brie Social Media Intern

We’re so happy to welcome Austin Couillard to the Fox & Brie family!

Here’s a bit more about our new social media intern:
Austin is an advertising major at The University of Texas at Austin and a coffee connoisseur, always in search for the perfect caramel latte. Right now, he’s probably jamming to some off-the-wall dance hit walking down the street.  Austin is also an upcoming artist in the Austin, TX art scene.

Check out some of Austin’s work on his website: AustinCouillard.com
Follow him on Twitter: @austinrayc

Austin Couillard & Dr Bear | Fox & Brie

(and yes, he’s already earned the Dr. Bear seal of approval!)