DIY: Holiday Gift Tag Roundup

Mini Wreath Holiday Cards

DIY Wreath Holiday Cards by Frolic Blog | Friday Favorites via Fox & Brie

Source: Frolic!


Mercantile-Inspired Gift Tags


 Yuletide Printable Gift Tags

Yuletide Gift Tags by Kelli Murray | via Fox & Brie

Source: Kelli Murray


Printable Gift Tags


Animal Gift Tags

Share the Love: Free Valentine’s Day Printables

Two Brunettes Printable Valentines | via Fox & Brie

Vintage Inspired Valentines from Two Brunettes via Ruffled


A Pair of Pears Printable Valentines | via Fox & Brie

Mini Valentines from A Pair of Pears


Black Apple Printable Valentines | via Fox & Brie

Illustrated Valentines from The Black Apple


Love vs Design Printable Valentines | via Fox & Brie

Valentine Cards & Coupons from Love vs Design


Hello Lucky Printable Valentines | via Fox & Brie

School Days Valentines from Hello! Lucky


eighteen25 Printable Valentines | via Fox & Brie

Made with Love Tags from eighteen25

WILD FIRE Magazine

Fox & Brie Bow Ties  |  WILD FIRE Magazine

We love working with passionate, interesting people. So when asked to contribute to the second issue of WILD FIRE, we were delighted to send along one of our Olive Linen bow ties. As expected, the pictures are just beautiful & the Kilkelly sisters are so wonderful to work with. We’re looking forward to future collaborations!

Fox & Brie Bow Ties  |  WILD FIRE Magazine

Launched in November 2011, WILD FIRE is a free online vegan, fair-trade, fashion, food & wellbeing magazine based in Melbourne, Australia. Vegan photographer Missy of Kohii Love Photography started the magazine as a personal project, a place to showcase her photography & share her lifestyle views with the rest of the world. Joined by her sister Joanna, the duo is currently hard at work on their next issue, set to release in May 2013.





You can download the first two issues of WILD FIRE for free at:

Custom Box Generator

Crafters, gifters, makers of awesome things: this post is for you.

My harddrive is not an organized place. I have saved so many templates, project ideas & patterns that it’s generally easier to re-download the original file than it is to sift through the ever-increasing mass of mis-labeled files. (How many IMG_786812_G7s.jpg files can one girl have?!)  So, yeah. I’ve spent too much time searching for gift box templates.

I was overjoyed when I stumbled across this online box template maker! Choose from 3 designs, type in your own dimensions, and a PDF template will be generated for you. Once you download the file, you can print it out on decorative card stock or use it as a dieline for your latest packaging project. Design nerd bonus: the PDF is editable, so you can drop it straight into Illustrator for even more fun!

Hooray for Free Fonts!

I’ll admit it, my hard drive is one giant pile of letters. I love type & I love free things, so free quality fonts are pretty high up on my list of favorites (somewhere between puppy breath & fresh-out-of-the-dryer socks). But hoarding alone isn’t any fun, so here are a few of my new favorites. Make something pretty.

Abril Fatface

By José Scaglione & Veronika Burian for TypeTogether.


By Slava Kirilenko


By Anton Koovit


By Lucas PerdidãoDmitry Goloub


By Trevor Baum


By Luke Lisi


By Riley Cran

Museo Slab


By Jan Tonellato

Ostrich Sans

By Tyler Finck


By Dan Gneiding


Woods of Wisdom

Easy Light Box DIY

Product photography is a weird kind of beast. Until now I’ve been using natural sunlight to photograph my bow ties, which makes the process slow & tedious. You have to wait for the perfect time of day (not too much sun, not too little) and factor in nature’s little work-killers: rain/wind/mosquitos. I’ve been wanting to build a light box, but every tutorial I found seemed time-consuming or a little too expensive. Then I came across this tutorial on & thought, “Ok, now this will work!”

With a few pieces of foam board, a couple of clamp light & 20 minutes, I had a great new light box & have already saved a ton of time on photography. Here’s an unedited photo from yesterday’s session:

I cannot stress how easy this light box is to build. The full tutorial is available here.