Fox & Brie Bow Tie Giveaway!

In honor of today’s beautiful spring day, I’ve decided to set up a bow tie giveaway. Here’s your chance to win a free handcrafted bow tie from Fox & Brie! What the whaa? Yep, it’s as easy as saying hello.

Fox & Brie Chestnut Floral Bow Tie

How to Enter:

1. “Like” Fox & Brie on Facebook.

2. Leave a comment below with your email address & favorite way to rock a bow tie.


Winner will receive one handmade Fox & Brie bow tie in Chestnut Floral. Winner will be chosen at random & emailed once the contest ends. One entry per person.

Giveaway ends at midnight CST on April 27, 2012.


No, Vogue, I will not buy your $35 patterns

For the Sewing Scrooges out there, here are a few of my favorite patterns. Make something special.

“Coffee Date” Dress by elainemay

Elaine is also known as “The Selfish Seamstress” and has a great blog filled with tutorials & fashion inspiration.

Free Dress Pattern by BurdaStyle

Road Cape by ThunderLily

“One Hour Skirt” by Brett Bara

“Port Elizabeth” Top by Goldfinch & Eagle

DIY Dog Ramp



My 80 pound Rhodesian mix recently had reconstructive ACL surgery on both of her back legs, rendering her pretty useless for 6 months or so. She hates being picked up and I hate carrying her, so daily stair hauls was out of the question. As I was researching dog ramps online, I soon discovered that the only inexpensive options were either ugly or shoddy. So I drew up my own plans, used salvaged wood, and built my own ramp for less than $40. Good luck and happy building!


  • Two 12″ x [Length] x 3/4″ planks
  • One 120″ beam, cut into 5 equal pieces–24″ long each
  • Six strips of wood casing–24″ long each
  • Indoor-outdoor carpeting, 24″ x [Length]
  • Twelve wood screws, 3/8 or 1/2″ long
  • Ten wood screws–2.5″ long
  • Waterproofing primer/paint

  • Outdoor carpet glue
  • Power screwdriver
  • Power saw
  • Tape measure
  • Paint brush



Measure the length from the top of the stairs to where you want the ramp to end and add 4″. The ramp I built is 76″ long, but feel free to adjust this to suit your needs. Be sure that the ramp will have a gentle incline, so your pet doesn’t have to struggle when using it.


Cut beam into 5 equal pieces. These will be used to connect the two pieces of plywood, as well as minimize ramp sagging.



Line up the cut beams in equal intervals. I used 11″ intervals, but you should adjust this to your personal ramp length.

Place one plank on the left half of the beams.

Screw into place with 2.5″ wood screws.

Repeat with right side.


Place wood casing in equal intervals along the top of the ramp. I used 8.5″ intervals.

Attach the casing with 1/2″ wood screws.

The wood casing will act as “speed bumps” for your pet, allowing him/her to maintain traction on the ramp.


Paint entire ramp with a mildew-resistent primer to weatherproof your ramp for outside use. I ended up using 3 coats, but you could get by with less.

Optional: After priming, you could paint your ramp a fun color to match your house.


Cut outdoor carpet to fit your casing intervals.

Spread glue onto the bottom of the carpet pieces and place them along the top of the ramp.

Be sure to allow proper dry time & follow all instructions that come with the glue.

It may take a few days for your pet to get used to the new ramp. Start off by guiding your him/her along the ramp while leashed, using treats or toys as an incentive. Good luck and happy building!